Friday, December 08, 2006

So You Want to Sound More Natural, More You

When you begin to write, picture your reader(s) sitting across from you, listening to your every word. Now, let that silent voice inside your head start talking to them. Start with the bottom line, a summary sentence, something that captures the essence of what you're trying to get across.

Something like: "I don't think the new Web site is attracting customers the way it should."

As you hear yourself say it, write it down. In a way, all you're doing is taking dictation, your own dictation. But let the little voice in your head keep talking while you just keep on taking note of what the voice is saying.

You may want to make some notes before you start. That way you'll stay on track as you move through your message. All the other elements of good writing still apply (create a purpose, a message, an outline of some kind, key points, conclusion, and a call to action if appropriate).

To keep your writing sounding more natural, more conversational, more like you, let the voice in your head "talk" silently to your reader while you record it on paper or on your PC screen.

Don't get hamstrung by the one drawback preventing so many professionals from writing clear, persuasive emails, correspondence, memos, proposals, you name it. Do not let the act of writing intimidate you.

When you sit before that screen, trying to think of what to say, how to start, what to do, you are asking for trouble. Start by visualizing your reader sitting across from you, then start "talking." And remember, your reader doesn't have all day. Get to the point, add the necessary detail, and give it a proper ending. Your reader will love you for it.



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